Research & Degrowth with Fundación Telefònica

Shaping and presenting the futures of degrowth to general audiences




Broadening the field of collective imagination

The impacts of exponential economic growth in the global economy are widely shown to be unsustainable as presented by every new UN IPCC's report. One of the main barriers to overcome this socio-economic model is the crisis of imagination about futures and other desirable realities and lifestyles for a better life with much less ecological and social impacts. In all this the work of socio-economic and political movements like degrowth is key to imagine, make visible and desirable sustainable near presents already existing among us.


We were comissioned to explore the 'degrowth' scenariofor broader audiences in collaboration with Research & Degrowth


Conceptualisation and design of an experiential futures exhibition, narratives and digital interventions


An approximate of 150,000 visitors to the exhibition, and a development of a joint narrative on design and postgrowth with Research & Degrowth

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