Flipping the experience strategy for a quality coffee platform connecting with farmers




A platform leveling the field

Coffee, like other high consumption foods that can only grow in unique places in the world, end up generating unsustainable value chains. At the same time, they often reproduce very unequal conditions of exploitation where producers and sellers are tied up by intermediaries - who are often more involved in stock market dynamics than in consumer needs. Platforms connecting producers and consumers have the opportunity to facilitate and balance power between agents in the food value chain


algrano was a promising start up with a growth crisis struggling to orient their clients to the real value they were providing, quality coffee direct from farmers. A funneling challenge was starting to become a struggle to position themselves.


User research, identification of opportunities, re-design of brand experience, design of touchpoints


Creating a 'coffee first' strategy from brand to UX. Purchase funneling improvement by 10%. New user experience at different touchpoints (web, mail, etc.) and user stories (sign up, finding coffee, check out, etc.)

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