Control Wars

Fostering collective imagination mediating conflicts among present futures









Infraestructuring social imagination

In the current society of the 1% in the form of techno-feudalism, financial delusions make sandcastles to respond to a dying reality. Computational times accelerate (un)productive processes and, therefore, also accelerate the social experience of time. In the urgency of the climate emergency, the mystique of the hegemonic economy defends the curative properties of extreme growth, and among all this spectacle of increased unreality, the social imagination is paralyzed, when not captured by the promises and returns of billion-dollar escapism. Control Wars methodology and it's workshops are a crafted way to keep building the fundamental social infraestructure for imagining otherwise.


Clients who commission Control Wars workshops usually lack a dedicated space, for them or the audiences they serve, to actively engage with the conflicting realities they are in and the emerging future escenarios.


Creation of research spaces designed to explore the weird, eerie and hopeful potentialities of current realities. Use of low-frequency conflict, performance and collaborative storytelling to expose often contradictory emerging scenarios pulsating on our present, where different ideological agendas and understandings of current reality are confronted.


A low frequency conflictual experience to explore the tensions of current realities and emerging escenarios. A report, or other forms of harvesting the content.

CW has been held in The Influencers Barcelona, Tentacular Madrid, Mobile Week Barcelona, Mobile Social Congress Barcelona, STRP Eindhoven, PRIMER New York, Design Activism Workshop Series Sydney or the World Future Studies Global Congress Mexico City among other locations worldwide.

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