We are cooperative agency designing
products & services for systemic change, and policies & futures centering the lived experience.





Exploring the futures of degrowth with Las Erres
Fostering collective imagination mediating conflicts among present futures
Centering the experience of local users in UN's global eco-innovation program
Increasing sales by flipping the service's experience strategy
Design with Water. A new product family to reinforce coherence within the sustainability strategy
Enabling the growth of a transformative housing niche
Overseeing the user experience across products in a growing digital transformative platform
Overseeing the experience of a pilot pop-market for new entrepreneurs
Facilitating departmental collaboration advancing Catalonia's innovation ecosystem
Setting a service innovation strategy to leverage product circularity, ready to market


Launch products that make a difference to users and the planet

Research and application of new alternatives to conventional materials to create products with a positive social impact, that offer an environmental improvement and provoke new manufacturing realities, where aesthetics and quality are at the center.

We define new routes to generate products with value, understanding the cultural, social, economic, ecological and technological context. We transform our contemporary complexities into opportunity strategies.

We bring a critical look at innovation and new technologies, reviewing existing and potential technologies based on functionality and capabilities and not just newness.

We analyse the manufacturing value chain and the departments interactions in order to be able to make coherent proposals for each territory and company so to ensure real circularity of your systems and of the resulting products.


Orchestrate the touchpoints and tangibles of great experiences

We investigate with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods the lived experience of your audiences to understand their needs, pain points and opportunities for action

We reframe how your organization’s strategic goals translate into service improvement  opportunities, helping you clarify and prioritize your challenges and align them with the needs of your audiences.

We shape the interaction between people, objects, digital products, symbols, environments, infrastructure and other elements orchestrating to meet the objectives of your services, paying attention to both aesthetics, functionality and ease of use.

We help you unstuck innovation processes by maximizing creativity through design methodologies paying attention to the dynamics of collaboration between your team, making ideas tangible and orienting them to the needs of your audiences and the context of your organization.


Design instruments and infrastructures transforming lives

We map the entire spectrum of policies, instruments and other interventions around a citizen need, so that improving coherence between interventions reinforces monitoring, learning and evaluation systems about the impact of policies.

We carry out ethnographic research and generate materials to communicate citizens’ lived experience with policies, and facilitate with visual and tangible elements the collaboration of the stakeholders involved in the design processes of the policies themselves. We support their implementation by activating our product and service design experience.

We offer teams with expert knowledge in the design of policies and services, and work to sustain, facilitate and increase the impact of networks, tables, and other institutions taking care of a specific citizen need or problem.


Anticipate materially the world that is coming

We investigate beyond the usual context of direct functionality straddling art and research to explore the limits of established conventions.

We explore the imaginaries and the entire emotional spectrum provoked by anticipations on specific topics through discursive analysis, the creation of images, objects and immersive experiences that allow us to work on the tensions of the present.

We use design research and other related disciplines to investigate and generate knowledge, sharing it with professionals and students.

Let's design
the world we need
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About us

Non profit cooperative, since 2014

Marc Benito Padró

Partner. Product

Co-founder of FOS Barcelona


Cristina Noguer

Associate. Product & Futures


Markel Cormenzana Uriarte

Partner. Service & Policy

Co-founder of Espai Puntal


Andreu Belsunces Gonçalves

Associate. Futures

Co-founder of Becoming


Adrià Garcia i Mateu

Partner. Service & Policy

Co-founder of La Borda



Aniol Lopez, Leandra Boj, Filipa Lopes Correia.



Mercè Rua, Paula Guallart, Aina Reguant Bel, Airí Dordas, Grace Melvin, Andrea Sagone, Ariadna Rubio, Caroline Sarcona, Federica Labattaglia, Flora Somos, Joe Lopez Alloza, Jose Barrera, Lotte Boury,  Max Augustijn, Michelle Massad, Nicola Montaretto Marullo, Sonia Vivo, Tania Cearreta, Txell Palau Julia, Georgios Poniros, Naoise Golden, Ariadna Ruiz Salvador, Garjan Prem, Elisabeth Leegwater, Dom Burton, Adriana Colquechambi, Marta Monteverde Méndez, Marcela Arreaga Vega, Simon Gough & Dafne Miguez Nieto.