Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia

Enabling the growth of a housing niche



Housing as a human right vs. homes as assets

Housing in Catalonia and around the world is far from being a covered basic human right, while it is increasingly becoming one of the main assets of the financial sector. In addition to this, we are beginning to observe how this also contributes to the unsustainability of our lifestyles. Cooperative housing offers an affordable and sustainable non-profit community model


The Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia's housing committee was looking to keep growing their member base while increasing their lobbying and field building impacts.


Establishing the network coordinator role. Leading secretary, networking and strategic roles, as well as leadership and support on concrete interventions, such as campaigns, policy co-production processes, conferences, law regulations, parlament interventions, etc. since 2021.


Average yearly niche growth of 35%. Steady growth of members. Successfully implemented interventions that altogether is situating the coop housing niche as one of the most dynamic in Catalonia.

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