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The impacts of exponential economic growth in the global economy are widely shown to be unsustainable as presented by every new UN IPCC's report. One of the main barriers to overcome this socio-economic model is the crisis of imagination about futures and other desirable realities and lifestyles for a better life with much less ecological and social impacts. In all this the work of socio-economic and political exploration movements like degrowth are key to imagine, make visible and desirable near sustainable presents already existing among us.

2050 - Capitalist growth has been finally limited, working hours are shrinking, and cities are being transformed into more liveable and caring environments. Slowly, cities are again places of production and consumption and spaces where life flourishes too. This emerging social order, which we call degrowth, is not free of contradictions: people have more time but are orphans of the consumerist desire-production machine. In these times of revolutionary change and discomfort for some, “Las Erres” is a space that cares about the ongoing socio-ecological transformations and the people that are passing through it.

Las Erres is an organisation that has evolved from the scouts, is guided by ecological and planetary values and is open to everyone who wants to get involved. They seek to make life worth living and are aware that the change in the production model needs to be accompanied by a shift in what is meaningful and desirable. Las Erres is housed in a former shopping centre which, in 2050, has been converted to host organisations and individuals that serve the community and planetary well-being. Within this flourishing context, they work together to foster the regeneration of urban and natural ecosystems and heal human beings.

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Las Erres was an installation commissioned for the exhibition "The Great Imagination: Stories of the Future", curated by Jorge Camacho. It explored a future marked by self-limits and was developed together with Giacomo D'Alisa, member of Research & Degrowth International. In this framework, it approached the values, narratives and imaginaries of a scenario where society is transitioning towards degrowth and where individual, collective and planetary well-being become the new articulated common senses.

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