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Community led renewable energy infrastructures

The fossil energy system is at the core of the structural problems we face globally, not just driving up CO2 emissions but proving the energy base for unsustainable accelerating economies. Community led renewable energy infraestructures such as Som Comunitats provide the social and digital platforms to localise the energy transition while we slow down our societies reducing energy consumption, for example providing other associated services such as community led mobility.


A new project consortium among different key partners of the catalan social economy was formed to create Som Communitats. They needed coordination among partners and an integrated experience linking all different product verticals.


Product owner's coordinating partner views, together with research, design and development teams in developing product verticals; web, map, user front end dashboard and energy community back end manager. In the second phase of the project we focused on the experience strategy for one product vertical.

Group photo by La Bordeta Comunitat Energètica

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