Increasing sales by flipping the service experience strategy




Platforms empowering the global south

Coffee, like other high consumption foods that can only grow in unique places in the world, tends to generate unsustainable value chains. At the same time they often reproduce very unequal conditions of exploitation where producers and sellers are tied up by intermediaries - who are often more involved in stock market dynamics than in consumer needs. Platforms like algrano connecting producers and consumers work to facilitate and balance power between agents in the food value chain.


algrano was looking to enhance the sales funnel by understanding better the needs of roasters while building on their purpose to empower farmers.


Design research with quali and quant methods, flipping the experience strategy to 'coffee first, then discover farmers'. UX strategy & design and implementation support for several use cases and touchpoints.


Increased sales. Experience strategy maintained to this day. Main use cases redesigned. Service design team created in house after project finished.

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